We won the Les Epicures award in France for the best gastro e-shop of 2022!

Published 19 of June 2022

The annual Les Epicures de L'Annee 2022 Awards are upon us. We are very happy because our French colleague Teddy from Paris brought home the highest award - first place for the best French gastro eshop of the year for .pepper..field!

There are a lot of excellent gastronomic products, companies, projects and organizations not only on the Czech market, but also on the French market. In France, an expert jury meets every year, which awards not only these products, but also other gastronomic items - including in the digital category, which also includes the evaluation of gastronomic e-shops.


We are very happy that .pepper..field has become the winner in the digital category for the best gastronomic e-shop in France - to receive this award not only rewarded the value of our website, but also highlighted the quality of the products offered, which start and end with Kampot pepper. "Taste, authenticity, sensitively presented fair trade" - all this sounded from the mouths of the judges during the announcement.


The award was accepted by our colleague Teddy, who is a permanent member of the Prague team and is our regional manager for France. Thanks to the jury!