We have been cooperating directly and fairly with farmers since 2018

We help the poorest farmers in Cambodia, improve their salary conditions and motivate others to change as well.


.pepper..field is the only company in the world paying small farmers the full, officially designated fair trade price established by the KPPA. We ensure that farmers receive this amount directly from us, with no intermediaries. Maintaining complete control, our mission extends beyond, aiming to improve salary conditions in Cambodia and inspire positive change across the industry.


Cambodia's small family-run farms boast a rich legacy in pepper cultivation since the 13th century. There are approximately 300 local independently-owned farms, a notable contrast to the 5 large foreign-owned farms. Since our project's initiation in 2018, we've actively supported 200 small families by purchasing their pepper. .pepper..field is dedicated to fostering the long-term, sustainable development of these farmers. Our commitment involves buying 100% of their production, always under fair trade conditions, ensuring a legacy that can be passed down to their children.


Most of these families use the money for farm maintenance, health care, school fees and supplies for their children. We also commit to returning part of the profit back to Cambodia for projects related to education and healthcare. We know all the farmers and will always take care of them! At the time of the coronavirus crisis in 2020, we organized the food collection Million for Cambodia.